Boby Chemmanur International Group Corporate Office Inauguration - July 22,2013

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 We are very much delighted to announce that we are going to start the Thunder Storm Diamond Exhibition at Mavoor & Palayam Showroom which is scheduled from 17th July to 27 July 2014.

          Up to 50% Discount on Diamond Jewellery is the highlight of this exhibition

                   So we are in high spirits and anticipating your valuable support & Prayers for the success of this exhibition.  

Boby Chemmanur International Run

 Boby Chemmanur International Run - Give Blood... Save Lives...

Global Keraleeyan Award for Bobby Chemmanur

The first Global Keraleeyan Award instituted by the Association of Medical Graduates of Kerala for Social Philanthropic work was presented to the noted businessman and philanthropist, Bobby Chemmannur at a glittering ceremony at Houston, U.S. On the occasion of their annual convention Dr. George Mammen, president, AKMG Convention presented the award. Dr. Freenu Varghese the incumbent president AKMG draped him with ' Ponnada'.

Bobby Devassikutty Chemmannur on his return speech said that this award will be an impetus for him to move forward with his committed philanthropic works so that no one should remain un- cared and un-loved. Bobby hoped that the American Malayali Association will be supporting him continuously for his social upliftment endeavours.

The convention was organised under the excellant leadership of Dr.Zacharia Thomas, Convenor, AKMG. The convention was rounded up with a combined musical programme of K.S. Chitra and M.G. Sreekumar, the acclaimed play back singers. The convention felicitated both of them for completing 30 yrs of illustrous career in play back singing. Many a glitteratti with their presence lent a beautiful ambience to the function.

Inaugural Ceremony of Boby N maradona Gold Diamond Jewellery at Angamaly

The inaugural ceremony of Boby n Maradona Gold Diamond jewellery at K.S.R.T.C. shopping complex was done by cine actress Nayan Thara on August29th at 10.30 a.m. The Emir of Sharjah was a special invited guest for the glittering occasion. The show room will be the 30th one of the conglomerate and the group has reached another mile stone by becoming the 115th Non Banking financial Company of Asia.

The beautifully ornated house will be a storehouse of 22 & 24 carat jewellery. Eminent people from various walks of life participated in the event. Since Bobby is endowed with a reputation for philantherapic activities lots of speakers
mentioned about this aspect. At the time of ceremony the city of Angamaly came to a virtual standstill.

Along with the inauguration of Maradona Gold Partner Card has been done introduced to the public.  The purchasers are given an golden opportunity to become a partner of maradona gold N diamond jewellery if they purchase on or before 29th, September 2013.