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Social Works

Involvement in Social Activities

Bobby Chemmannur is synonimous with philanthropic activities. Unlike other businessmen he finds time and space to commit himself to social philanthropic deeds. His activities covers fields as education, sports, medical, social welfare etc. 'Life Vision' the organisation that deals with charity activities touches upon almost all charity affairs.

Bobby is committed towards the self belief that he will not be accepting any money from outside organisations and the contribution for charity is from the profit.

Our Responsibility

Led by the philanthropist Chairman, Mr. Bobby Chemmannur, Chemmanur International Jewellers had been contributing its bit to make it a better world for the poor and disadvantaged. We have set aside a percentage of profit for charity purposes. Every year we conduct community marriages, rice distribution for the poor, free medical camps, community buildings etc. Chemmannur International group is committed to the cause of education and has instituted gold medals for SSLC toppers every year.

The work of the Chemmanur Blood Donation Forum with over 9000 staff, free ambulance services, Poor homes are some other activities. Boby Chemmanur envisions a world without orphans and that each child is cared for.

Bobby devised a unique fund; Customer protection benefit fund, through this it was made possible for people of average income group can marry off their daughters with 50 soverigns of gold through an interst free loan.

Blood Donation

Bobby has a blood donation unit consisting of 9,000 staff including him. During the last seven years only a record number of people has donated blood. He has an ambulance service for emergency accident cases. This is for free utilisation. Life Vision regularly conducts free medical camps; these are mainly conducted in rural areas. In 2012 Bobby announced that his entire staff will be donating eyes. This announcement he followed it up with his own donation of eyes with due signing off the papers. He inspired the whole staff to commit towards a noble deed.

Financial Aid and Construction of Poor Homes

For below poverty line card holders Life Vision constructs homes and rehabilitate the people. During Psunami time the western hemisphere of Kerala many people lost their homes and life Vision constructed homes for the homeless and rehabilitated. People in dire needs are donated financially. Destitute people from the streets are accommodated, cared, fed, medicated rehabilitated free of costs. Bobby himself used to personally clean up, feeds, looked after, thus personally setting an example of good samaritan. Many mass marriages are conducted by the foundation without any strings like, caste or community attached to.

Contribution to Education

The Life Vision is giving educational loans to needy students. To the bright,needy students are given scholarships, mementos etc regularly to bring them up in life. Bobby considers teachers as beacon of hope, are regularly motivated through a panel of experts by evaluating their work and given mementos and cash prices. By this model act the entire society is benefited and honoured.